Be Very Careful, and Prayerful

Thinking about my life and how God continues to bless me daily,  I thank him for Jesus Christ and the power of his name! It’s amazing! You have to first believe that God sent him to save us from worldly sins and believe that Jesus died for these sins so that our Heavenly father and creator can in turn forgive us these sins, and that he rose from the dead with All Power. Amen !!  Be careful in life because whenever God is blessing you with favor, Satan will be present to send hurt, hatred, and bad thoughts; but in the name of Jesus Christ there is a power greater than all of these sins. Just remember when you’re having bad thoughts, or feeling angry, simply call on the name of Jesus and believe in his power and you will see for yourself what we as Christ followers see and feel daily.  Thank you Jesus Christ for your power over all things. Come into my life and into my heart today. Guide me at work and through this day. Show your presence through me so that others will see your glory. Believe in him and he in turn will also believe in you too. Try Jesus for yourself; watch mountains move.


God is The Greatest

I WOKE UP!  We all go to sleep at night not knowing if tomorrow is even promised to us. When I wake up every morning I first give Thanks to my Creator, for protecting me and my love ones through the night and breathing life into us once again.  We all should make this a practice.  We have no power over life nor death. Somewhere there is a family that woke up in tears because they’re love one did not make to see a new sun. Thank you God for life, health,  strength,  the movement of my limbs, for the roof over my head, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, and last but not least food on my table…  Let’s all give Thanks to the heavenly father for all things great and small in our lives today and yesterday.  In Jesus name Amen


Have you ever met someone one day not knowing that the person could be a God send?  I have been truly blessed and highly favored with GOD’S blessings. Just when I thought my life was at it’s journey end God places another step in front of me to continue.  Wow how good is my God, creator, my salvation.  Not knowing what the next day may bring or if it’s even promised to me, I live through him and he lives in me. Thank you God for “This Day”. Surround me with your presence,  bless all that comes in contact with me in your son Jesus Christ name Amen…….