God is The Greatest

I WOKE UP!  We all go to sleep at night not knowing if tomorrow is even promised to us. When I wake up every morning I first give Thanks to my Creator, for protecting me and my love ones through the night and breathing life into us once again.  We all should make this a practice.  We have no power over life nor death. Somewhere there is a family that woke up in tears because they’re love one did not make to see a new sun. Thank you God for life, health,  strength,  the movement of my limbs, for the roof over my head, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, and last but not least food on my table…  Let’s all give Thanks to the heavenly father for all things great and small in our lives today and yesterday.  In Jesus name Amen



  1. rmsocialmedia · November 29, 2015

    Sometimes we take waking up for granted, but what you said is true; somebody’s family is heartbroken this morning. Thank you Lord for my health and strength and the safety of my family!

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